K9s for Warriors


James & Dunkin, April 2016

From the folks at K9s for Warriors . . .

We are proud to say that there is no cost to the warrior. The cost of the entire process of vetting the dog, training, veterinary care, pairing a warrior, their residential stay and on and off-site training, transportation, food etc. is Kelly & Rakki, February 2016approximately $27,500.

We have a strong dog sponsorship program that assists in deferring costs as well as donations from our monthly Stop 22 donors, major gifts,  etc. that support our canine/warrior pairing. Our belief is to mitigate any barriers in obtaining a proven recovery program, a skilled service dog.

Our dogs go through a rigorous training program before the warrior arrives Erick & Stevie, October 2017and then are paired with a warrior where they live in our residential program together with 11 other warriors for the next 21-days. The peer support is immeasurable in the amount of encouragement and comradery it provides towards recovery.

We continuously wrap them (warrior and canine) in love and support as they train on-site with peer Warrior Trainers who teach them to become master dog handlers of their new pup. More than 90% of our dogs come from shelters and many have had rough histories.

We hold to the statement that we have given a “new leash on life to both warrior and canine.”

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