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See product pictures and available breeds here

1}  Use the charts below to select your item and color {or multiples} – sizes are shown for your convenience, but you’ll actually choose size{s} when you place your order with SunFrog – ignore checkmarks in color charts.

2}  Go to PayPal and . . .

   a}  write your above choices along with the dog’s name in the “Note” section – if you are opting for name only, specify as well the desired breed.

   b}  deposit your one-time design fee, $7 for name only, $12 for name & picture – you pay this fee just once no matter how many items you order or how many multiples you order of any item.

  c}   send to

If you’re customizing with name only, skip Step 3 and proceed to Step 4

3}  If you’re including a picture in your customizing, send me the exact photo you want to use at the above email address, put DoggieShirtz in the subject line, and the dog’s name in the message. See below for pix specs.

4}  Once we’ve created and posted your designed item{s}, we will send you a private link to place and pay for your order directly through SunFrog – this link will not be available to the public though you may certainly grant access to others, who can then order whatever they like with no further design charge from us.

Specs for photos: The image should be as clear as possible and as large as possible, preferably above 2000px in width and also on a one color background with good contrast, like plain green or blue – file format can be jpeg, png, gif, pdf, or any other format out of cameras or phones. As you can see from our other designs, head shots work best.

Specs for item:

Guys Tee, $19.00-$22.00 + one-time design fee  

Sizes S-5x

Colors for both tees: white, gray, dark gray, brown, pink, hot pink, red, orange, yellow, green, forest, light blue, royal blue, navy, purple, black, maroon

Ladies Tee, $19.00-$22.00 + one-time design fee

Sizes S-3X


Sweat, $31.00-$34.00 + one-time design fee

Sizes S-2X

Colors: white,  black, forest, navy, red, royal blue, sports gray


Hoodie, $34.00-$37.00 + one-time design fee

Sizes S-5X

Colors: white, sports gray,  maroon, red, royal blue, navy, charcoal, forest, green, black


Coffee Mug, $6.99-$10.99 + one-time design fee: black , white, or white with black handle


Trucker’s Hats, Snapback, $13.99 + one-time designer fee: black, green,  navy, red, royal blue


Classic, $15.99 + one-time design fee: white, black, navy, dark gray


By the way,  you might also consider customizing this design with your photo of another kind of “trainer” – a cat, parrot, teacher, boss, spouse, or?